Narrow Path Outdoor Ministry

Every person that comes to Christ is found by Him in a special, often raw and unexpected way.  Narrow Path will offer individuals a way to seek out the Holy Spirit in seldom seen places.  Each trip out will have a purpose for those who choose to look a little deeper. Focus will be placed on building well rounded outdoorsmen/Christians. The purpose of Narrow Path ministry is to bring new and “veteran” believers closer to the light, through emersion in the outdoor experience. We will start from the ground up, building each trip or experience from the previous. The principles of teamwork, fellowship, and prayer will be a major focus, leading to self-sustainability and Individual growth in God. Narrow path will be producing Christian leadership in a whole new way. Members will have the opportunity to learn new outdoor skills, gain confidence in the wilds of our world, improve their physical fitness and overall health, and grow as leaders; either of men or leaders in their own walk with God.

Next Outing:

October 8th
Details: Stay tuned

Please use the month of September to take the chance to get out on your own and spend some solo time with God. (Just tell someone where you are going!).

Activities may/will include:

Identification of what types of activities appeal to you individually, as well as the group.

Sharing of personal convictions and stories

How can they bring you closer to the “experience”?

Assembling a “kit” (basic necessities to take out there every time)

Preparedness and reading the “signs”

Walking with God (day or multi-day hikes in local country)

Identification, Development, and Progress towards the Christ-centered goals of Members.

Fishing (high country or otherwise)

Development of individual skills (ex: does someone in the group have a passion for photography?)

Survival skills (discussion and procedure of how NOT to be in a survival situation)

Navigation and methods

For Ages 8+.

Have questions? Or want to help out with Narrow Path? Send us a note and we will be in touch!